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Most Recent Customer Reviews

My 2 Westies love it

I have thought about one of these for quite some time and finally bought this one.
I have found that both my dogs love it I can recommend it.

Published 1 month ago by DRC

Concorde start is whispering against to this!

I bought this as nice touch for our cat as she likes running water. When it came which was aspa as always with amazon I was so eager to try it. Our cat did love it! Read more

Published 1 month ago by TOKOLOSE

Its okay but...

I got this product as my cat loves drinking out of taps but the pump is too noisy, i have to turn it off and on again for it to quieten down. Apart from that my cat loves it :)

Published 2 months ago by Megan Green

Lap it up

Excellent product, well built and quiet. Took our cat a while to decide to use it, but now has no problems using it. Would recommend .

Published 2 months ago by David 1968

My cats love it!

This product is excellent!. I purchased one about 10 years ago and it is still working but has become rather scaled up over the years and looks a bit mucky so I decided it was time... Read more

Published 3 months ago by Alfie

Cats love it

My cats love this. How many of you cat owners have noticed how their cats are attracted to running tap water? Read more

Published 3 months ago by robinandalf

Great value for money.

Once the cats got used to it it was a great success! A little noisy to start with, but soon settled down.

Published 3 months ago by Julie Sampson

Cat loves it!

This is not noisy at cat is easily spooked at the slightest sound and if can drink out of this, then it must be pretty quiet!

Published 4 months ago by Mr Adam Davies

a nice little fountain

I bought this for my cats - but try as I might - they would not use it. it was very well made and nothing wrong with it, maybe other cats would like it -but mine are too fussy!

Published 4 months ago by dollydip


Excellent and cat loves it, solved problem of cat wanting to jump up on sink tap and drink water, superb, I did not expect it to work to be honest...

Published 5 months ago by Mark, Kaz & Jaz

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

19 of 19 people found the following review helpful

Didn"t last long...29 May 2010

By bmcca

My cats loved the fountain, but I didn"t. It absolutely must be thoroughly cleaned once a week because mine grew mould at incredible rates. I wouldn"t mind having to clean it, however, if the motor wasn"t so incredibly difficult to remove (and it must be removed in order to completely remove all hints of mould to keep it from growing so fast). Then, 5 months after purchasing it, I had to throw it out today because the area where the motor screws into the machine has developed a crack (most certainly because the motor is not easy to get in and out and obviously caused too much stress on the threads) and now it leaks and is unusable. In addition, it was loud enough to disturb us from another room. I will be looking at other brands for a replacement.

43 of 44 people found the following review helpful

It"s good, but....... 27 July 2009

By Si

Amazon Verified Purchase

I"ve tried a few different fountains over the years which I"ve only ever replaced as a result of limescale build up, so I like to think I know what"s good and what"s not. In terms of how good it is I have to say the Drinkwell is the best we"ve purchased in terms of the number of components involved and the space it takes up. It is however the most noisy unit I"ve ever owned, which came as a big surprise. The minute you get any debris in the unit it will start making lots of mechnical noise and will need a total clean out each week (which you should in my opinion anyway). The two most annoying things with the Drinkwell are that the lid on the top constantly rattles which means you have to tape it down, and it"s such a nightmare to clean that you really need to buy the overpriced cleaning kit for it too.

Overall it"s good, but when it does die I will try something different rather than buy another Drinkwell as it doesn"t live up to the reputation.

26 of 27 people found the following review helpful

Fantastic 3 Jan 2010

By A. Jeal

I purchased this product for my cat who is 18 years old and blind. I have been using it for over 6 months now. She absolutely loves the fresh running water. You must make sure you keep the level topped up otherwise it can become noisy. Easy to clean and easy to reassemble. The motor is not noisy contrary to what other people have written. Make sure it is on a solid level surface ie. the floor. Needs to be plugged in to the mains. If your cat/s likes running water this is a must and encourages them to drink more.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful

A big disappointment! 7 Oct 2012

By Marie

Amazon Verified Purchase

I"ve wanted a Drinkwell water fountain for some time so am particularly disappointed to feel really dissatisfied with it.

In particular, on cleaning it I was shocked at the amount of slimy residue that had collected - enough to raise concerns about what I had thought would be a healthier option for providing fresh water. And putting it back together after cleaning was sufficiently difficult that I had to enlist my son"s help!

In addition, the water in the fountain is warm - presumably due to the motor - and is not, therefore, particularly attractive to the cats.

The length of the cord, though not over short, limits the number of places that the fountain can be put - and I"ve managed to trip over it several times, so adding spillage to the already high maintenance involved in the product.

So for me, it"s back to washing and filling conventional water bowls twice a day - Disappointing, but an awful lot easier!

10 of 11 people found the following review helpful

It is a great product! 31 Aug 2010

By Mamikins

I normally do not leave any review on Amazon, but I just had to say something. I ordered the second one of this product a few days ago, because the first one we had got simply old. I am very surprised to see so many people complaint about the "noise", but if you fill the base bowl part with water above the motor line, it doesn"t become that noisy at all. When the waterline is too low and the motor is exposed, you start hearing the noise. The instruction that comes with the it does say that it should be filled above the motor if I remember correctly. Cleaning the unit once a week is highly recommended in my opinion especially if you have more than one cats as we do. Cleaning with normal sponge could be a bit challenging, but we don"t have any more difficulty after we decided to get the cleaning kit for it. our two cats used to only drink water straight from the tap, and it was hard for us to make them drink enough water, but now they drink plenty of water and we don"t have to constantly turn the tap for them. They got used to it on the first day and didn"t require any training either.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful

Noisy and thus useless! Drinkwell Platinum is better 15 Jan 2012

By ilovemicia

I followed the instructions carefully and filled the water past the motor line, but my brand new Drinkwell Original fountain still makes a loud buzzing sound that discourages my cats from going anywhere near it. The machine starting buzzing within hours of its initial operation.
I already have the Drinkwell Platinum, and that is much quieter. I should have just bought another one of those.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful

Leaky fountain 30 Jun 2011

By A. Mack-Kretzler

Amazon Verified Purchase

I purchased this for our cat who only likes to drink falling water. It was a decent fountain for a month or two, but then started leaking a fair amount of water onto the floor. I examined the fountain and found the motor is mounted outside the reservoir, sealed with an o-ring. This o-ring was leaking and I thought I could replace it; but I have tried a few different sizes and have yet to find a way to keep the water in the fountain.

I had a the Drinkwell Platinum water fountain previously and was much happier; the motor was designed to be inside the reservoir so there isn"t a large hole needing to be plugged. I guess I should have just purchased another one of those again.

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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    Drinkwell Pet Fountains - A Constant Source Of Wellbeing

    The Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain holds up to 1.5 litres of water.Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

    The Drinkwell range of Pet Fountains will enhance your pet’s quality of life. They help make sure that they’re fit and well provided for with fresh, clean water that’s so vital for their health. Hydration is important for all pets and research shows one of the best ways to improve their health is to get them to drink more water.

    Drinkwell Pet Fountains circulate the water so that it’s rich in oxygen. Plus, the replaceable charcoal filter removes any chemical smells or taints. The patented, ‘free-falling’ stream of water, like a natural spring, will encourage your pets to drink more frequently, keeping them healthy and hydrated. Better still, they do all this automatically, so you can go out, safe in the knowledge you’ve made your pet’s quality of life a priority.

    Designed for use by cats and/or dogs, the Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain holds up to 1.5 litres of water. The pre-filter catches food debris and hair before it passes through the pump and as the water is released from the drinking point, it falls onto a receiving ramp helping to reduce splashes. You can also customise the free-falling stream to your pets preference with adjustable flow control. Other user-friendly, features include diswasher safe components, a snap-on lid to prevent accidental removal by pets, low voltage power and the submersible pump provides a nearly silent operation.

    Drinkwell charcoal filters contain activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is charcoal that been treated with oxygen which opens up millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms. Active charcoal absorbs and retains odourous and bacterial substances.

    Just over 20 years ago the PetSafe brand was launched. A brand which has now become a leading name in pet care products. Right from the early days, PetSafe's enthusiasm for pets determined their mission to be the most the most trusted pet brands. Today, PetSafe are as passionate about pets as ever and so the story continues by successfully enhancing that special relationship between owners and pets.

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    Drinkwell Charcoal Filters help remove bacteria and chemical smells and taints from pets drinking water.Drinkwell Charcoal Filters
    Protect. Teach. Love.

    Some of our products are designed to protect the lives, health and wellbeing of pets. Others have been developed to help teach pets and encourage them into better habits and behaviour. All of which adds up to love, explaining why owners love the PetSafe brand, and why their pets love Petsafe products.

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    Product Description

    The Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain uses an innovative watering system featuring a patented free-falling stream of water and holds 1.5 litres of water. The free-falling stream entices pet's to drink more water because it draws more oxygen into the water and constantly breaks the surface tension keeping water fresh tasting. For added freshness the included charcoal filter also helps to remove bad tastes and odours from the water. See all Product Description is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to